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Here's a collection of links to other sites where you can find information, models or artwork relating to Bryce which I will add to over time:

Art communities are a great way to get inspiration, advice, help or just a place to view some of the great art, both 3d and 2d that's out there.
  • RENDEROSITY An online art community and gallery where you can post your own artwork in your own gallery space. Other features include blogs, news, articles, forums (very useful for help), competitions, store (where you can buy or sell 3d products), free stuff, and more. There are Bryce categories for all of these. Membership and gallery space is free.  
  • DEVIANT ART - Another community with galleries you can view and post to, also featuring forums,  groups, and store selling artists works. Membership and gallery space is free. 
  • BRYCE-BOARD - part of the German site 'Active Rendering'. Bryce-board is a forum for bryce related things. If you google 'bryce board' or 'active rendering' there will be an option to translate the page when it shows up in the search hits. There is also an English section of the bryce-board forum.

  • DAZ 3D - A large online store for 3d models suitable for Daz Studio and Poser. The site also features forums, galleries and tutorials for Bryce and other 3d software. You'll find a free version of Daz Studio here and it's the place to purchase Bryce.

  • RENDEROSITY has a large freestuff section for 3d models for Bryce and other 3d applications, and 2d art related resources.
  •  DAZ 3D has a small section of free stuff - it's worth checking weekly for new models.
  • THE GIMP is a free paint program. You can resize your images, adjust colour, manipulate or enhance them in many different ways. It's is the most popular and recommended free paint program out there.

  • BRYCE TUTORIALS INFO has a great collection of tutorials, and links to external tutorials, suitable for all levels of Bryce user. You can also find links to Bryce products made by various artists. A very useful resource!
  • OFFICIAL BRYCE MANUAL located in the DAZ Bryce documentation page.
  • BRYCE MATERIALS Materials made specially for Bryce in .mat format


Whenever you have downloaded sfotware/programs from the internet always run a virus scan on it. And then, once you have installed the program/software run it again before you actually open and use the program. This is particularly important if you download shareware or freeware as many contain malware, which is a continously growing internet problem. For more information on how you can protect your computer and be safe on the internet visit these sites :

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