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  1. Thank you for making these tutorials available for all us beginners. I have learnt so much already. One suggestion. On some of the illustrations it was difficult to read the red text against some of the dark backgrounds. And one question. Which is the best View to use, the Directors View or the Camera view?

  2. Hi Jack, as answered on another page it's entirely up to you which view you use. There's no right or wrong way, just what works best fo ryou.

  3. I'm building and have just added links to your tutorials - hope that's cool! If you'd like to contact me please do so at

  4. Why is Bryce7.0 not working with MAC, Lion Platform yet?

  5. I think you have to ask the DAZ 3d guys that question....there are some threads over at the DAZ 3d forum you could check out..

    Take a look also at the Bryce product specs page on DAZ 3d which does say that Bryce 7 is compatible with Mac OSX 10.4, but not with 10.7:

  6. Bryce 5.5
    Origin & Position

    By default the origin and position (object attributes) of any object are the same. This is true also for any newly created group. By unlocking origin and position in the attributes editor, the origin of an object may be moved (numerically) to a different location without changing its position. A group however, behaves always as if origin and position are locked. One may drag the origin of a group with the mouse but this method is very imprecise.

    Q: How may I numerically change the origin of a group without affecting its position?

    Thank you for your time.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for your question.

      I've had a look at this in Bryce 7 (as I no longer use Bryce 5). Yes, the origin can be changed numerically without moving position, but not for a group. For a group I also found it only possible to change it by dragging the handle with the mouse. I think it is an overlooked idiosyncracy of Bryce! You could try and report this as a bug at the DAZ site here Maybe it's something that they can fix on the next Bryce update.

    2. Thank you, Evangeline.

      It's good to know, for once, that it's something other than my own ignorance.

      I only use 5.5 occasionally and my altruism does not extend to getting this "bug" fixed for the next update. Since you have more invested in the next update, perhaps you might engage with them?

      Thanks again.